Health, Safety & Environment Policy

3D Oil Limited is committed to hydrocarbon development which maximizes shareholder value and delivers Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE) outcomes which:

  • Minimize environmental and comunity impacts;
  • Maximize resources utilization; and
  • Provides a safe and healthy workplace for all 3D Oil personnel.

To achieve these outcomes, 3D Oil will implement and maintain effective management systems which will:

  • Systematically identify HSE hazards and where possible, eliminate the hazard or implement controls to manage the risk to as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP);
  • Comply with all applicable legislation and apply responsible standards where legislated standards do not exist;
  • Implement HSE monitoring programs and measure progress through program HSE targets and objectives;
  • Continuously improve HSE outcomes through incident management, inspection, audit and review
  • ocesses;
  • Provide necessary resources, information and training to allow 3D Oil personnel to fulfill their HSE responsibilities;
  • Consult openly with all relevant internal and external stakeholders who have an interest in 3D Oil’s activities;
  • Engage service contract organizations who manage HSE performance in a manner consistent with this policy;
  • Develop, maintain and test 3D Oil’s ability to respond effectively to emergencies; and
  • Foster a corporate culture of respect, open communication and engagement between all personnel to achieve our HSE outcomes.

This policy applies to all 3D Oil personnel, including contractors, engaged on 3D Oil activities. Primary responsibility for implementation of the HSE Policy lies with 3D Oil’s Managing Director and management team.

Delivery of HSE outcomes is both an individual and shared responsibility of all 3D Oil personnel within the workplace.

Noel Newell
Managing Director
January 2008