ASX Annoucements

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August 2017 Annual Report To Shareholders 2017 Corporate Governance Statement
March 3D Oil Awarded Permit Adjacent to Recent Discoveries
November Appendix 3Y T/49P Permit Update Results of Annual General Meeting Annual General Meeting Presentation
October Notice of General Meeting/Proxy Form Initial Director's Interest Notice Board Changes and Major Cost Reduction Initiative Final Director's Interest Notice x 2
September 2016 Annual Report to Shareholders Appendix 4G and Corporate Governance Statement
May T/49P Update
March Form 604 Notice of change of interests of substantial holder Appendix 3Y Half Yearly Report and Accounts
December Appendix 3B
November Annual General Meeting Presentation Results of Meeting Appendix 3Y Sea Lion-1 Operations Complete Sea Lion-1 Final Drilling Progress Report Sea Lion-1 Drilling Progress Report Sea Lion Drilling Progress Report
October Sea Lion-1 Drilling Commenced T/49P Preliminary Prospective Resource Estimates Sea Lion-1 set to spud
September 2015 Annual Report to Shareholders Appendix 4G and Corporate Governance Statement Sea Lion-1 Drilling Update Appendix 3Y Sea Lion-1 Update
June Appendix 3Y
March Appendix 3Y Half Yearly Report and Accounts
February Appendix 3Y Preparing to drill the Sea Lion exploration well Appendix 3Y
January TDO December 2014 Quarterly Report and Appendix 5B
December Appendix 3Y Appendix 3Y Appendix 3Y Otway Basin 3D Seismic Survey Complete Appendix 3Y
November Beach Energy increases stake in 3D Oil gas hunt VIC/P57 Hirex Option Exercised Annual General Meeting Presentation (Revised) Annual General Meeting Presentation Results of Meeting
October Appendix 3X Appointment of Director Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form Hibiscus Transaction approvals secured for US$14 million payment Hibiscus Transaction Completed 3D Oil Commences Gas Hunt
August June 2014 Quarterly Activities Report and Appendix 5B General Meeting Presentation Letter to Shareholders dated 31 July 2014 Beach Energy completes purchase of interest in T/49P
July Transaction Documents signed with Hibiscus and HiRex Notice of General Meeting/Proxy Form
June Beach Energy to pay $3 million for 20% in T/49P - 16 June 2014
May Heads of Agreement signed - 13 May 2014
March Half-year Financial Report - 31 December 2013
January Independent Reserves Assessment for West Seahorse Oil Field
December Appendix 3B Production Licence awarded over West Seahorse Oil Field High potential gas play for 3D Oil Limited
November Production licence offered for Westhorse Oil field Appendix 3Z AGM 2013 Presentation Board Change Results of the 2013 AGM
October Finance for West Seahorse Oil Development. Date lodged: 1 October 2013 Appendix 3Y. Date lodged: 2 October 2013 Notice of AGM
September 2013 Annual Report. Date lodged: 27 September 2013
July Milestone purchase of rig for the West Seahorse Oil Field
May 3D Oil awarded permit adjacent Thylacine Gas Field T49P West Seahorse Oil Field approvals update 29 May 2013
April West Seahorse Field Development Concept Selected West Seahorse Production Licence Application Submitted
December Hibiscus EGM to Approve Farm-in West Seahorse Farm-in Approved by Hibiscus Shareholders
November Results of the 2012 AGM
October Notice of AGM and proxy
August A$29 million farm-in and capital raising in VIC/P57 from Hibiscus Petroleum
July ASX Release Market Update
March Final Director’s Interest Notice - 23 March 2012 Half-year Financial Report - 31 December 2011 Board Change - 23 March 2012
November 3D Oil signs Term Sheet for Farmout Reprocessed 3D seismic reveals deeper potential in VIC/P57
October Notice of AGM and proxy
September Annual Report for the Financial Year Ended 30 June 2011
June Appendix 3X 3D Oil Board Appointment
March Half-year Financial Report - 31 December 2010
February Dalrymple Seismic Survey Completed
January Dalrymple Seismic Survey Commences
December West Seahorse Field Oil Volume Upgrade
September September 2010 Quarterly Reports
July June 2010 Quarterly Report
April West Seahorse Development Update
March Half Year Accounts 31 December 2009
February TDO Growth Strategy Update - 25 February 2010
January Appointment of Director - Philippa Kelly 3D Oil Quarterly reports - 31 December 2009
December 3D Oil Response to ASX Query Appendix 3Y
November Accelerated Growth Strategy - Delivering_Results 2009 AGM Presentation.pdf Results of 2009 AGM
October Felix Prospect 100 MMbbl Notice of AGM and proxy 3D Oil September 2009 Quarterly
September Investor Update - Accelerated Growth Strategy Annual Report for the Financial Year Ended 30 June 2009
August Appendix 3Y - Change of Director Notice Appendix 3B - Option Issue 3D Oil Limited Accelerated Growth Strategy
July 3D Oil June 2009 Quarterly reports
June Drill search’s offer fails Top 20 Shareholders and Distribution Schedule
May Drill search failure 3D Oil response to BPT takeover offer for DLS
April Letter to 3D Oil shareholders re DLS letter dated 9 April 2009 3D Oil March 2009 Quarterly report 3D Oil Development update
March Half Year report Drillsearch Bidder Statement in Limbo 3D Oil REJECTS Drillsearch offer West Seahorse Reserves upgrade TDO - Target statement Letter to 3D Oil shareholders 20 March 2009
January 3D Reponse to Drillsearch Interest 3D Oil Intends to Reject Intended Takeover Offer by Drillsearch December 2008 Quarterly Activities and Cashflow Report Board changes and appointment of advisors
November 2008 AGM Presentation Results of 2008 AGM
October Notice of Annual General Meeting September 2008 Quarterly Activities and Cashflow report
September 2008 Annual Report
August West Seahorse Reserves 22 August 2008
July Investor update July 2008 June 2008 Quarterly Activities and Cashflow Report
June Activities update 12 June 2008
May Wardie Drilling Report 16 May 2008 West Seahorse 3 Drilling Update 3 May 2008 West Seahorse 3 Drilling Report Wardie 1 Drilling Report and 3D Oil update 21 May 2008 West Seahorse 3 Drilling Update 5 May 2008 Bass Basin Seismic Complete Report Wardie Drilling Report 19 May 2008 Wardie Drilling Report 13 May 2008 Wardie 1 Drilling Report
April TDO Activities Update West Seahorse Drilling Report TDO Placement Quarterly Activities and Appendix 5B March 2008 West Seahorse Drilling Report and Activities Update
March Half Yearly Reports Appendix 3B Options
February Drilling Campaign to Commence in Bass Strait
January Sale of Forfeited Shares Appendix 5B Quarterly Activities
December Further announcement regarding partly paid shares Partly paid shares
November Appendix 3B Application for quotation of fully paid shares Appendix 3Z Final Director & Interest Notice Results of AGM AGM Presentation Resignation of Director Wardie Oil prospect announcement Escrow Announcement Appendix 3X P Willcox Appendix 3B-PW Options
October New Prospect Discovered Partly paid shares by payment Notice of AGM
September Resignation of Chairman Appointment of New Chairman
July T41-P Bass Basin Update Escrow Announcement Quarterly Activities TDO Appendix 5B TDO
June Appointment of Exploration Manager
May 009 20070521 Appendix 3X I Gorman 008 20070521 Appendix 3X N Newell 010 20070521 Appendix 3X 3 Horsfall 011 20070521 Subtantial Shareholder 603 N Newell 3D Oil Prospectus 007 Admission to Official List 006 Restricted securities and Share Capital Summary 002 Constitution 001 Financial Statements 2006 003 Corporate Governance 004 Distribution Schedule 005 Top 20 Shareholders Press Release 3D Oil Market Debut
West Telesto Rig under tow.
West Telesto Rig under tow.